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Specialist Outpatient Clinic

Our clinic boasts specialists, recognized by all health insurance companies, with special expertise for:

Nephrology / kidney disease:

Acute and chronic kidney disease

Prevention and metabolic analysis of diseases that cause kidney stones

Pathological urine tests (presence of blood, proteins, urinary tract infections, ...)

Kidney and bladder inflammation

Evaluation and treatment of electrolytic and acid-base disorders

Preparation and care of renal transplant patients

Hemodialysis and hemofiltration

Internal medicine:

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Diseases of the metabolism in particular of lipids

Advice and treatments regarding cardiovascular risk factors

General internal medicine consultation

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We are specialists and work in close cooperation with your family doctors and all the various hospital institutions in the region. We also guarantee valuable cooperation with the Department of Nephrology at Inselspital Bern.

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